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Temporal Displacement | File# 044 | Status: Closed

Temporal Displacement in New Jersey Pine Barrens. Location displayed anomalous spatiotemporal distortions. Multiple POI civilian investigation led to temporal displacement event. SESA involved, file transferred to OEI and classified BLACK under anomalous securities act, rev 4, sec 21. 

Assigned Agent: CASTLE

Supervising Agent: D. Bright
Case Status: Closed


On September 8, 2020 a spatiotemporal anomaly estimated to be one quarter mile in size was discovered in the New Jersey Pine Barrens 2 miles west of Forked River Mountain. The anomaly appeared as a displaced area of forest in different condition to the surrounding environment. Anomaly 044 attracted the attention of local civilian POIs (see TD-044-C Supplemental File) who passed through the anomaly and became trapped in what is estimated to be the late 1800s (1760-1770) based on details of first-hand reports. News of the anomaly had also made it to SESA and due to a clerical error were not forwarded to the OEI until days after its discovery, leading to 4 SESA agents (Thomas Cooper, Corbyn Ayers, Nicole Miller, and Robyn Roux) to enter the same temporal displacement.

Displaced POIs were able to navigate out of the affected area within 24 hours but made contact with local Dutch residents, identities unconfirmed. We have thus far been unable to confirm any identities. Due to the proposed date of this temporal displacement the events POIs experienced is presumed to be within the Root timeline (pending further known divergences).


Local-Time expressives were encountered by POIs, precise details of abilities unclear.

It is unknown if any Local-Time inhabitants of the anomaly were able to also make it out to present time. The anomaly collapsed in on itself shortly after the POIs return, preventing further investigation. See EA-181-C for related information.

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