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Temporal Displacement | File# 037 | Status: Historic

Archival footage provided by OEI Director. Purports to show temporally distorted Erica Kravid (POI 037). Cause of temporal distortion unknown. Believed to be CIA Special Investigations project. POI 037 believed to be deceased.
Case Status: Suspended and Archived pending new information.


According to information passed down by Privileged Sources the CIA Special Activities Division maintained a black site located at the site of the now abandoned Mecklenburg Juvenile Detention Center in Richmond, Virginia from 1970 to 1977. This site was utilized in cooperation with the Office of Special Investigations to examine and verify reported Special activity. 


Case TD-037-H involves POI 037 displaced from an unknown time or timeline. Only one VHS recording of POI 037 has survived to present day and provides little actionable information to followup. POI 037 appears physically and mentally unwell, source of ailment unknown. POI demonstrates one or potentially multiple SLC-E abilities. Origin unknown.

Other POIs pictured in TD-037-H RELATED FILE are unknown. Case is suspended and archived pending new information.

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