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Spatial Anomaly | File# 137 | Status: Active

Spatial anomalies located in Los-Alamos, New Mexico resulting in multiple vehicular accidents on route 501. Area currently under investigative quarantine.


Assigned Agent: M. Harris

Supervising Agent: GATES
Case Status: Active.

On October 21 2020 a spatial anomaly formed at the intersection of W Road at Omega Road intersection. The anomaly is a physical bounded space roughly cubical in shape 25 feet on a side. The anomaly manifested in the middle of the street some time between 1:00pm and 1:15 pm local time. A civilian coming off W Road onto Omega Road impacted the anomaly in an automobile, sustaining critical injuries. The civilian believes they were involved in a hit and run and are unaware of the anomaly due to post-accident shock.

The anomaly resists all physical force. Analysis through fluid shrouding revealed the structure to be in the shape of a small residential building with no discernable means of entrance. There is little surface detail in the anomaly, preventing analysis of door or window placement. It is described to feel "smooth and firm yet somewhat permeable, like hard rubber." Attempts to physical move or damage the anomaly have not been successful.

Additional, similar anomalies appeared within the same geographic area as outlined below, all discovered due to vehicular accidents, one of which resulted in a fatality. Additional anomalies have different dimensions but appear to be analogous with local environment. Dashboard and security camera footage of all anomalous events have been secured and classified GRAY.

  • 11-11-20: Route 501 at E. Jemez

  • 11-15-20: Diamond Drive at intersection of Sandia and Orange

  • 11-27-20: Trinity Drive at 20th Street

  • 12-22-20: Dp Road at Trinity Drive

  • 1-17-21: Canyon Road at 15th Street

All anomalous locations have been quarantined under the guise of low-importance roadwork and electrical line maintenance. Given the state of public works in the country it is advised that we could maintain this cover for 2 or more years if necessary.

No additional spatial anomalies have manifested in the region since 1-17-21.

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