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Electromagnetic Anomaly | File# 181 | Status: Closed

Anomaly of unknown classification [Blackball]. Manifested August 30, 2019 in New Jersey Pine Barrens at site of former Jungle Habitat Amusement Park. Anomaly closed by POI 012  and 013 on September 11, 2019.

Assigned Agent: R. Mustang

Supervising Agent: K. Voss
Case Status: Closed

On August 30th 2019 and unknown inciting event believed to be connected to UE-001-A created an explosion equivalent of a 2 kiloton nuclear explosion at the site of the former Jungle Habitat Amusement Park in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The explosion is believed to be SLC-E in nature as the environment was desiccated in a one mile radius around the blast site with no known surviving life. A black sphere roughly 10 feet across remained at the blast epicenter.

Initial investigation of the anomaly revealed unstable spatiotemporal effects on the surrounding environment out to at least 100 feet. The anomaly consumed all electrical energy within this radius and caused randomly inhospitable atmospheric events as listed below.

  • Spontaneous vacuum

  • Oxygen transmutation to chlorine gas

  • Oxygen transmutation to carbon dioxide.

These environmental events lasted anywhere between 1 and 4 minutes. During the first event OEI Agent Tom Stevens died from unprotected exposure to a total vacuum. His death was classified BLACK and is to remain sealed.

Additional anomalies include vivid audio-visual hallucinations. Hallucinations typically manifest as people and occur after prolonged, direct observation of anomaly.

It was observed that preceding an event the electromagnetic radiation around anomaly would rapidly increase. To provide early warning for on-site agents, a series of special containment procedures were put in place including the deployment of EM-Reactive badges that change color based on local EM radiation levels.

On September 7, POI 003 was brought out to the site by Deputy-Director Voss for consultation. Per conversation with POI 003 Voss revisited the site with POI 001 and 002 on September 8. During this time both POIs were brought into close proximity with the anomaly. Strange interaction between POI 001's ability and the anomaly resulted in its total collapse over the course of 3 minutes, destroying the observation site. No agent loss of life was reported.

POI 001 and 002 spontaneously appeared at the former site of the anomaly on September 14, unharmed and seemingly not experiencing any passage of time. Both POIs reported a shared extreme hallucination of repressed or psychically erased past experiences from early childhood. Description of hallucination is classified BLACK.

EM radiation levels returned to normal. Site remained quarantined for public safety until January 29, 2021 when the Ohio River Fire swept through the area forcing a full withdrawal of OEI operations.

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